There is no doubt that it is essential to online businesses that the users have confidence in the website and the company. In real life we can walk into a shop, touch the goods, observe the surroundings and speak with the salesmen. In other words we can use our senses to get an idea of the trustworthyness of the shop. On the internet, on the contrary, it can be very difficult to evaluate the trustworthiness of an online shop. Therefore there is a certain level of insecurity among the users of the internet.

Research shows that 60% of all European online shoppers have abandoned an online transaction due to security concerns (TNS Research 08/06). Furthermore, 84% of the participants in a Forrester Research from 2005 have said that they do not believe that the online shops do enough to protect their customers (Lauri Giesen IN  Internet Retailer, March 2006: "Hand-holding: Fraud-weary consumers look for the seal of approval"). And actually more than 24% of the people asked said that they do not shop online at all due to security concerns (ibid).

These results underline that it is extremely important that the visitors trust the website, as visitors with confidence in the website tend to take more action (buy, sign up etc) than visitors with doubts.

When visitors see the catchy green bar, they know that it is safe to shop. Consumers thus feel more secure and have more confidence in the website, and the chances that they buy something, sign up for a newsletter etc. are bigger.

It is also worth noticing what your competitors have undertaken to increase consumer confidence. If your closest competitor has installed an EV certificate, it is a good idea that you do it as well â€“ otherwise you might risk that potential customers turn to your competitor’s website. If your competitors have not installed an EV certificate yet, why not be the first company to put up new standards for security in your business? 

Actually, tests show that an EV certificate with the green address bar can turn more visitors into customers, decrease the abandon rate, increase the average purchase price and increase customer satisfaction.

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