EV certificates can only get issued by approved CAs that live up to the standards defined by the CA/Browser Forum. To be able to issue EV certificates, the CA has to undergo an annual audit by an external company as e.g. KPMG. Comodo lives up to these strict standards, and Secorio is therefore able to offer EV SSL.

As mentioned before, the validation methodology for EV certificates is very strict. During the process we control the legal status of the company, the physical address and the main number, the domain ownership etc. 

Consumers can be assured that a website with a green address bar is 100% legitimate, since it is technically impossible for phishers to imitate the green bar and the field with information about the domain owner and the issuing CA.

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Use this CSR decoder to verify that it contains the correct information and that the key size is of minimum 2048 bit.

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