Nowadays you can not only go online with your webbrowser, but also with a cell phone or another handheld device. Many companies offer their employees access to webmail via mobile device, and suppliers and customers can also often log on to various portals using their handheld.

In the handheld devices a mobile browser is installed – mostly being Symbian or Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0. Many normal SSL certificates do not support these mobile browsers, which is why the communication and the encryption might not work smoothly with a normal certificate installed on the server. But Secorio’s Mobile SSL certificates are 100% compatible with Symbian, Windows Mobile 6.0 and also with Windows Mobile 5.0 enabling a seamless encryption between the mobile device and the server. Mobile SSL certificates are of course also compatible with more than 99,3% of all webbrowsers.

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Use this CSR decoder to verify that it contains the correct information and that the key size is of minimum 2048 bit.

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