Unlike other PKI based secure Email solutions, the EPKI Manager is a fully outsourced managed system. It does not require heavy investments in the development and operation of an inhouse PKI solution. The web based console acts as the enterprise's interface to the Comodo Certification Authority, providing a cost-effective demand driven system. The enterprise only purchases certificates as they are needed, and does not need to pay for the management of a complex PKI system.

The EPKI Manager allows the enterprise to quickly assign Class 2 Corporate Secure Email certificates to employees, providing them with standards based credentials on who they are and who they work for. The Corporate Secure Email certificates may then be implemented in any S/MIME compliant email client (all popular email clients). Once installed, the Certificate holder may use their Certificate to digitally sign outgoing email, providing the recipient with assurances of data integrity and origin. The recipient may use the Certificate to encrypt emails sent to the Certificate holder, thereby providing confidentiality for the message and any attachments.

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Use this CSR decoder to verify that it contains the correct information and that the key size is of minimum 2048 bit.

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