A single SSL certificate is the perfect solution for securing a single web server. However, some organisations will require multiple certificates to secure multiple web servers, spanning their intranets, extranets and web operations. To meet the needs of such organisations, we offer the Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure Manager (EPKI Manager).

Organisations opting for the Enterprise PKI Certificate Manager can benefit from the convenience of having their nominated EPKI Manager Administrator manage all the company's SSL certificates from a central web based console. Additional certificates may be purchased through the console in minutes, ensuring new servers may be secured in minutes rather than days.

Benefits of EPKI:


  • Immediate issue: Certificates can be issued within minutes
  • Unique product portfolio: SGC certificates, SGC EV certificates, Intranet certificates, Wildcard certificates, SGC Wildcard certificates, and Email certificates available
  • Flexible product choice: Free product choice possible with every certificate enrolment
  • Ease of use: Intuitive and simple management system. No additional software or hardware is required, since themanagement system is a web based application
  • Fast implementation: The organisation can be up and running quickly with the EPKI Manager
  • Cost savings: No investments in an in-house solution needed. Discounts for bulk orders
  • Infrastructure/Support: The backend CA is operated by Comodo, including high availability secure redundant server systems, high speed FIPS 140-1 Level 4 signing devices, backup and 24/7 technical support

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Use this CSR decoder to verify that it contains the correct information and that the key size is of minimum 2048 bit.

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